St George's Diocesan School

St George’s Diocesan School was founded on 8 July 1919 and is one of the oldest educational institutions in Namibia. In January 2003, St George’s School’s curriculum was extended to include Grade 8, and this exercise continued every year until the first Grade 12s were in the College in 2007. St George’s School belongs to the Anglican Diocese of Namibia with the Bishop of the Diocese as Visitor and Chairman of the School Council. The Christian faith is taught and upheld in the ethos and life of the school and includes regular visits to the Cathedral.

The ST GEORGE'S ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The aim of the newly established SGAA, St George’s Alumni Association, is to build and strengthen relations with students, former students, staff and parents, the school, friends and others.

Preparations for the St George’s Centenary celebrations in 2019 have started. Close to 10 000 students have received an education at St George’s School in the past 99 years. Next year, St George’s will celebrate its 100th birthday. The main celebrations will take place during the week 5 - 13 July 2019, with 8 July being our Founders’ Day.

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